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Nov. 19th, 2012


The break up

I was commenting back to another along this line and wanted to keep venting...Here goes.  Sorry if you read the other, some is duplicative.

The break up.  It crushed me.  Yes, we saw it coming.  But come on.  Why not let them have a big fight about it at least?  Get it out in the open.  Throw a few shots over the bow.  Tell each other what's really going on in those stupid heads of yours, dammit! 

I just keep hoping there's some twist coming, maybe something to do with Elena blood-sharing with Damon and it causing her to want Damon artificially. Perhaps it is somehow causing her to react negatively whenever she wants to love Stefan. (Case in point - why isn't her love for Stefan heightened if all her feelings are heightened?) Or maybe something else is causing this... Maybe if Stefan stops letting Elena take him for granted, she'll hit bottom sooner and realize she's made a huge mistake. I almost wonder if he thinks it will take the separation for Elena to see what Damon would really be like in a relationship (not good) for her to finally get it once and for all. Damon said he'd take her either way...but maybe he'll realize that road she's headed on ends up being one where they don't like each other either, maybe that's why the preview was that they needed to talk... The fact that Damon is fine with her either way, human or vampire, doesn't say much about his supposed desire to have saved her at the bridge instead of Matt.  You know, that he didn't get it at first but now he did and he really wanted that for her...yeah, right.

And, WTF, she's so ticked at Stefan and not letting him touch her or help her, why isn't she even more pissed at Damon for telling her to kill Connor?  She killed someone and is devastated.  Stefan is the one that tried to keep her from doing that, from losing herself, not Damon.  Maybe she'll turn off her humanity so she doesn't feel anything any more and no brother gets her.  Maybe then Damon will realize he should have been helping Stefan keep Elena from killing someone.

I don't know, there's got to be some twist here or it's simply completely destroyed my hope for common decency in the real world. I realize we shouldn't be taking any major lessons on morality from a TV show.  But the central theme, the underlying message that love will out should be kept in tact...at least by the end of the series...if they haven't damaged it too much by the end.  You know, it's also not acceptable for exes to date siblings, never mind sleep with both... (Unless its a threesome that consenting adults want, I suppose, but this is not HBO.) Either way, I think the show-runners are playing with us, for ratings, drama, whatever. I think, I hope, that at the end of the day, their message is that true love will win out - Stelena.  You know what I just thought of...Maybe it will, but in the guise of Damon finally getting how he should love and treat his brother including but not limited to NOT taking up with his brother's (current or past) girlfriend, that he was so wrong to ever pursue Elena in the first place.

Aug. 20th, 2012


All the Cons...Comic-cons, TVD-Cons, whatever...Is it too much access?

I am kind of amazed by how many events there are for the fans to see panels of the actors and producers like for TVD and vice versa for the panels to see the market segment that attends the events.  If I were on the panel, I'd start to hate that stuff.  I would guess it's like doing press in a way.  They get paid to attend, right?  But still, over and over answering questions from squealing fans.  It might be an ego boost if you needed it but otherwise, if you were working long hours more than 5 days a week, wouldn't you rather just hang with your spouse/friends/family, or read a book or a script for another role, or whatever on a free weekend...Not get on yet another plane, live out of a bag, another hotel, flying back...  Maybe they are required to do some press per their contracts, don't know how much though...It seems like a lot though doesn't it?  I'd think overexposure is a risk, possibly hearing only one view/backlash on the show/canon a result?, or overexposure to one specific tween/tweet market segment vs. the total show audience (i.e. fans of a certain age who blindly ignore the bad side of the bad boy possibly?).  Also, I just saw a video where one of the actors was shamelessly pandering to the crowd about them being the best part of the job...oy...get me a shovel and waders.  Believe me, I'm a fan of the entire show, but, come on...

If I had access to all the fan materials (vids, pics, interviews, gossip) when I was 16 or so, I would have been just as gaga for the boys, ahem, I mean the actors...  ;-)  I just may have been one of those squealing girls in the audience back in the day, but now, it would just be creepy for me to ever go, not that I want to go.  At least my fav on the panel is 30 now so somehow it feels a little less creepy for me being such an avid fan.  ;-)  It is funny, as my parents always told me, no matter how old you get, you still like what you like (Dad likes Ziva on NCIS...omg...Dad's in his 70's).  Your body just keeps changing with time, but your heart and brain, yes, you mature, but you still like what you like and are still attracted to what you liked when you were younger...

I will just keep watching from afar.  And keep hoping that the show comes back around to Stelena regardless of what all the gossips, ships, polls, twits (yes, I mean the Tweeters) say.  I just hope the powers that be don't let that one market segment (DE) drive the canon off the cliff completely.  (Side bar on the DE topic - if the writers/directors would put half the steam into SE scenes as they did some of the DE scenes, I think they would be pleasantly surprised at the reaction.)

Later - Steledam

Aug. 15th, 2012


Is it October yet?

Seems like the hot hot summer is dragging a bit relative to waiting for TVD4.  Or maybe it's just that the 401 isn't airing until October vs. September...  FanFics are ok...at least some are.  Some are just juvenile.  Sorry, but it's true.  Some are pretty darn good, but not enough are Stelena...  I'm resorting to re-reading too often...  Oh well, two months to go...

May. 17th, 2012


Hot but definitely Adults only fanfic

Another great fanfic but if you are not "of age", be warned, Adults only.  No I don't know this author.



Stelena plus Damon

This is probably my favorite Stelena FanFic - https://login.fanfiction.net/story/story_preview.php?storyid=7989784 Admittedly, I know the author!  So maybe a little biased!  ;-)

May. 16th, 2012



Steledam - new to journaling, micro-blogging, etc., but not new to Stelena and TVD.  There are some great stories, links, and pics that I've seen on LJ for Stelena fans.  I really enjoyed the Hot fanfics that have helped get through a long season 3 without my fav ship getting their groove on.